We provide with variety of cables namely (with description):

• VGA/RGB Cables- VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a basic color resolution standard used in computer monitors. A VGA cable is a lead that is used to carry video signals. It's most typically used to connect computers and displays. It is, however, currently utilized on certain high-definition televisions. This is a typical monitor cable. It's usually male-to-male, with three rows and 15 pins. A VGA cable is used to connect a computer to a monitor or a computer to a projector. For the first time in India, the best quality VGA cable with no signal loss up to 100 metres with a connection compatible with any high-end brand

• HDMI Cables- HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is now the most modern and finest means to watch high-definition information. These improved connections are now standard on all new televisions. It's a clear, all-in-one cable technology with the greatest resolution and sound quality currently available. HDMI technology provides consumers with a simple, plug-and-play option. Optimized HDMI connections deliver picture-perfect 1080p digital video and superb, eight-channel digital sound, maximising your home-theater experience. With Blu-Ray sales on the increase and the expanding popularity of HD digital content, HDMI technology provides consumers who want to keep ahead of the curve with a simple, plug-and-play option. Our HDMI cable allows you to get the most out of your high-end equipment.

• Power Cables- It's simple and functional, but sometimes that's all you need to get the job done! These handy power lines, which have been powering old-school computer displays since the dawn of time, include a 3 Pin IEC Plug to Socket for extending existing IEC cables or connecting to any IEC 3 Pin Female sockets. Expect to see these on your Uninterruptible Power Supply nowadays (UPS)

• S-Video Cable- Separate Video (S-Visual), often known as Y/C is an analogue video transmission that contains video data as two separate signals: luma (luminance) and chroma (contrast) (color). S-Video transmits video in standard definition (typically at 480i or 576i resolution). By separating the luminance (brightness) and chrominance (colour) portions of the signal, S-Video provides superior colour and resolution than one-wire "composite" video. The most popular S-Video connection type is the 4-pin mini-DIN connector. Early Y/C video displays frequently had RCA connections that could be switched between Y/C and composite video input. Despite the fact that the connections differ, the Y/C signals for all kinds are interchangeable.

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