Interactive Boards

Interactive whiteboard, also known as smartboard, is an interactive display in the form of a whiteboard that reacts to user input either directly or through other devices.

Whiteboards have been used to share messages, present information & to engage in collaborative brainstorming or to develop ideas. Taking into consideration cooperative goals in mind, interactive whiteboards are able to connect to internet to instantly digitize tasks & operations.

The interactive whiteboards can also be large format screens with a standalone system on a chip or combinations of video projectors that use tablet with drivers for user interaction. Forms of operation are often either by infrared or resistive touch, magnetic or ultrasonic pen. As writing and character recognition is generally digitized, keyboard is generally virtual. Interactive whiteboard applications often include easy-to-use charts, polls & graphs, including virtual tools one might find in a classroom like rulers, compasses or protractors. They can play various media and provide teachers with interactive lessons for their students.

Interactive whiteboards are a billion dollar industry and are used in classrooms at all levels of education, corporate boardrooms & work groups, engineering, in training rooms for professional sports coaching, in broadcasting studios & strategic planning of many types of projects.

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