GREY Screens

• This is a new fabric of multi-layer composite EPPE polymer projection screen fabric, which is different from conventional PVC, glass fiber, white plastic and canvas. The material is environmentally friendly and meet EU REACH testing standards
• Diffuse reflective screen material. The delicate matte surface can reflect light in all directions, and you can see beautiful pictures above 160 degrees angle.
• High contrast and color saturation, good light resistance. The gain is 0.85. The color is well restored, and the resolution is 125 line pairs / mm. It can also restore a clear picture under daily ambient light.
• Note: This material is not suitable for rear projection rear projection, side projection and ultra-short focus projection.

White vs Grey Screen

* White screen has high reducibility to picture color in dark light environment, with the best performance of brightness and contrast, the brightness is slightly higher than the grey screen. However, in the light environment, the surface of the white screen will be disturbed by ambient light. Reduce picture contrast and color saturation. Therefore, a white screen is usually used in movie theaters with independently controllable light sources.

* The advantage of grey screen is that it has anti-light performance, can resist and reduce the interference of ambient light on the screen, improve the contrast and color saturation of the picture, and obtain a comfortable picture effect. So in the light environment, the screen can still show a high contrast and color saturation picture. In the dark light environment, the black level can be improved, making the screen more three-dimensional. Compare to the white screen, the gray screen will be suitable for more viewing scenes, but the brightness will be slightly lower than the white screen.

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