OPS & Mini PC admin July 22, 2023


OPS PC is an onboard computer for interactive displays that integrates into the OPS slot on the back of the panel. When you turn on your display, the OPS PC also turns on. There are no visible cables, and there is no need to connect any other Windows devices. OPS PC comes in a variety of models with varying characteristics. All models include OneKey Recovery, which allows you to easily restore your computer in the event of a system breakdown. OPS PC is powered by Intel and supports 4K/UHD at 60 Hz for brilliant image quality.

Let us help you transform your displays into a dynamic and hassle-free digital signage platform.

Mini PC

Mini PC solutions that combine power, versatility, and compactness into a small form factor. Mini PCs are the perfect answer to your computing needs when space is limited, and portability is paramount. Whether you require a mini PC for office work, home entertainment, digital signage, or industrial applications, our range of Mini PCs is sure to meet your expectations.