Projector Screen admin June 17, 2023

ALR Floor Rising Projector Screen

A new approach to quickly open your own home theatre.

If you don't want a fixed frame screen or a ceiling-mounted electric screen, an electric floor rising screen, which rises from the ground, is the best solution. When wall or ceiling installations make the standard roll-up projector screen impossible, a freestanding self-rising projector screen is the right alternative. The screen boasts a high-density hard-core architecture that eliminates the need for punching and installation. Connect to the power supply for immediate usage. The finest suited answer for this demand is this Tab-tensioned floor rising screen.

ALR Fix Frame Screens

Say Goodbye to Ambient Light Distractions

Our ALR Fixed Frame Screens feature innovative ambient light rejecting technology that enhances the projector's performance by selectively reflecting projected light while minimizing the impact of ambient light sources.

Crisp Contrast and Vibrant Colors: Experience true-to-life visuals with deep blacks, vivid colors, and enhanced contrast, even in rooms with significant ambient light.

Optimal Viewing Conditions: Say farewell to washed-out images and enjoy optimal viewing conditions with our ALR Fixed Frame Screens, allowing you to fully appreciate the details and nuances of your content.

The Narrow edge frame material and simple design, make the screen looks upscale-luxury. Ultra large viewing angle which insure that from any angle to watch the image without any optical shadows. With strong ability of ambient light rejection, comparing with the common diffuse reflection white screens, it increases the contrast 95%.

ALR Edge Fixed Frame Screen

Tab Tension Motorised screen

Elevate your projection experience with our tab tension motorized screens that redefine the way you enjoy movies, presentations, and multimedia content. Enjoy the perfect combination of precision engineering, superior projection quality.

Perfectly Flat Projection Surface

Tab Tension System: Our Tab Tension Motorized Screens feature a sophisticated tab tensioning system that ensures a perfectly flat projection surface. This eliminates any wrinkles or waves, guaranteeing a smooth and uniform image.

Compatibility with Ultra-High-Resolution Content: Our Tab Tension Motorized Screens are designed to support the latest Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) and 4K content, allowing you to fully appreciate the stunning visuals of modern media.

Effortless Operation

Motorized Convenience: With the touch of a button or a simple remote control, our Tab Tension Motorized Screens smoothly and silently retract or deploy, offering hassle-free operation and saving you time and effort.

Adjustable Stop Positions: You can easily customize the screen’s drop and stop positions, ensuring the perfect fit for your desired screen size and aspect ratio.

Grey Screens

The advantage of grey screen is that it has anti-light performance, can resist and reduce the interference of ambient light on the screen, improve the contrast and colour saturation of the picture, and obtain a comfortable picture effect. So in the light environment, the screen can still show a high contrast and colour saturation picture.

In the dark light environment, the black level can be improved, making the screen more three-dimensional. Compare to the white screen, the grey screen will be suitable for more viewing scenes, but the brightness will be slightly lower than the white screen.

  • Note: This material is not suitable for rear projection rear projection, side projection and ultra-short focus projection.

Manual Projector screen

Manual Pull Down Projection Screen provides an exceptional projection surface without spending beyond what is necessary. Special features include its auto locking mechanism for variable height settings, black masking borders, wide diffusion uniformity, lanyard for convenient operation and a revolutionary end cap design that accommodates both wall and ceiling installations. White metal casings to suit the look of your training facility or home media room.

Motorized Projector Screen

Electric Motorized projection screen, you can control the screen using In-line Switch or RF remote control, the motor noise is minimal. The screen can be stop at any position you wanted.Perfectly warp knitting flat screen fabric matte white reflection surface ensure images are perfect with Gain1.1. The screen is widely used in hotels, business centers, meeting rooms, schools, small cinemas, entertainment centers etc. Easy for wall mounting and ceiling with hooks.

Tripod Screen

The Tripod Screen is designed for all applications. It is easily to carry around and set up in a minute. Tripod Screens aredurable, compact, light-weight and user-friendly. The operation is flexible and the height of screen can be adjusted using the locking system in the tripod. It is also very handy for portability and transportation. Easy to set up - simply pull up the screen and it takes up little space. Ease of storage too. There are B&E type tripod stand for choose. The screen is widely used in meeting rooms, schools, outdoor presentations etc.