Splitter And Switchers admin June 17, 2023
HDMI Splitters

Splitter and switchers

Splitter and switchers are devices used in audio and video setups to distribute and control signals between multiple input and output devices.

the types of signals you need to handle (HDMI, VGA, audio), the number of inputs and outputs required, signal quality and resolution support, control options (remote control, manual buttons), and any additional features like EDID management or signal amplification.

Ensure that the splitter or switcher is compatible with your devices’ input and output interfaces and supports the resolutions and audio formats you require.


HDMI Splitters or VGA Splitters: splitters:  Allow you to duplicate a single HDMI or VGA source signal and distribute it to multiple HDMI or VGA displays simultaneously.


HDMI Switchers or VGA Switchers: Switchers enable you to connect multiple HDMI or VGA sources to a single HDMI or VGA display. You can easily switch between the connected sources using a remote control or buttons on the switcher.

HDMI Matrix Switchers or VGA Matrix Switchers:

HDMI matrix switchers offer the flexibility to route any combination of HDMI sources to multiple HDMI displays. They provide independent control over each input and output, allowing for complex audio and video setups in home theatres or commercial installations.

HDMI Matrix Switchers
KVM Switches

VGA matrix switchers operate similarly to HDMI matrix switchers but for VGA signals. They are commonly used in environments where VGA sources need to be distributed to multiple VGA displays.

KVM Switches:

KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches enable you to control multiple computers or servers using a single set of keyboard, video monitor, and mouse. They are commonly used in data centers or IT environments to manage multiple computers efficiently.

Audio Switchers:

Audio switchers are designed specifically for routing audio signals between multiple audio sources and outputs. They can be used to connect various audio devices, such as CD players, MP3 players, or microphones, to amplifiers or speakers.